A Big Terps Upset – And A Little Solace for Spokespeople

No one would call me the world’s biggest college soccer fan, but I was stunned the other day when the top-ranked U. of Maryland men’s soccer team fell to Providence 5-4, after leading 4-1. What? How can this happen? You believe you’re going to win, there’s no way you can’t win, you’re great at what you do – but then BAM! You lose. 

We saw it with the elections. I saw it with my son in his football playoff game for Alexandria’s TC Williams Titans. And Oratorio sees it in media interviews. The spokesperson knows her stuff inside and out, she’s been nailing interviews without a worry,  and then one poorly chosen word and the whole communications effort goes up in smoke.

How do you avoid this? Discipline. Know your material and stick to it as best you can in the interview. But also recognize that even the most battle-hardened spokespeople get it right every single time.