Body Language Speaks Volumes

By Susan Tomai, Founder
Last week we coached a team of three executives preparing for an important joint presentation.  All of them were smart, at the top of their games and committed to the message.  Problem was, they just didn’t gel with each other - and it showed.
After the first videotaped run-through it was clear the this team was not a team. No eye contact, no encouragement.  Their body language said “I’d rather be somewhere else.” But the camera always tells the truth. And to their credit, when we played back the first run-through on video, they saw it themselves. 

After encouraging them to look at the person speaking, to smile when listening,  to relax and open up their body language, and to simply look happy to be there - well, the next on-camera run-through was transformative. They became a compelling unit and motivated their audience to action. Lesson: when presenting as a team, bury your personal issues and become a true team.