Doubling Down

By Susan Tomai, Founder

Does doubling down work as a communications strategy? Only if the cards you’re holding are the right ones.

Merriam-Webster defines doubling down as “to become more tenacious, zealous, or resolute in a position or undertaking.” In blackjack, it means doubling your original bid in exchange for only one more card -  a risky strategy. We’ve seen this gambit a lot recently – Sean Spicer doubling down on President Trump’s insistence that his Inauguration crowds were bigger than President Obama’s is a spectacular example.

We tell our clients that repetition is a good thing when spreading a media message – audiences need to hear most messages repeatedly before they sink in. It also works with kids, significant others, and in the workplace.

The issue here is that the original message must be credible. When political messages go out to the public without substantiating facts or evidence, and they end up being baloney, at the very least it erodes credibility, and more often than not it destroys credibility altogether.

So don’t be afraid to play a hot hand – just don’t do it with marked cards.