Listen Up

Listen Up By Susan Tomai, Founder, Oratorio

Great communicators are also great listeners. Before you start giving advice, the best thing you can do for your clients is to listen - really listen - and hear what they want to say and achieve.  

I’m a great believer in the “get to know you” conversation at the start of a media training or presentation training session. Rather than getting right down to business with the training (which is what some clients expect given their busy schedules) I prefer to just let the client talk for a few minutes first.  When they let their guard down, when they’re relaxed and being themselves, we glean a wealth of helpful information about messaging and performance style that makes the rest of the training session much more personalized and time-efficient.

I can’t tell you how often we’ve been in a training session with a client and a senior comms director will say “Okay, let’s get this show on the road.” What they don’t realize is that the show already started with the first handshake.