Oratorio's Website Gets A Makeover

By Chris Breene

We loved the former Oratorio website - we really did. Sharp design, great pictures, compelling descriptions of Oratorio's work - but it wasn’t getting the job done for 2016 and beyond.  

We all live and die with our phones. Walk down the street of any city in the world and you’ll see this:

60+ per cent of Web users get online with mobile devices these days and that number is growing. So, just as we strive to keep our work in media training, presentation training, crisis communications training, and message development up-to-date, that’s what we’ve done with our online presence.

Today, we officially launch the new, mobile-friendly, Oratorio.com.

Take a look, and when you're ready, reach out to Oratorio and we'll help you modernize the way you tell your story.

Warm regards,

Suzy and Bill