Ready, Set, March!

By Susan Tomai, Founder

I live right across the river from The U.S. Capitol, so of course I’ll have a houseful of out-of-town guests this weekend for the Women’s March on Washington. Beds and towels are ready and the refrigerator is full – all systems go.

But I haven’t participated in a political exercise of this magnitude since I got off a bus on the Washington Mall in the 70’s, walked right into an anti-Kissinger protest and got hit in the head with a sign and fell to the ground.  To say I am a bit anxious about this weekend is, well, you know: back then we had no dirty bombs, ISIS, mass shootings.  But I’m going, pink hat and all, and it is my prayer that the march will not only be peaceful, but will make a difference in the lives of every girl and woman, now and for generations to come.  Yes I’m nervous, but I’ll be more nervous for the female population if we don’t show up.  I just realized I need a new pair of sneakers too.