How Will We Communicate At Work When The Robots Take Over?

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A recent report by the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work confirms what many of us have been thinking: that many of the jobs of the future will require heavy-duty technical skills in areas such as AI, Automation, and Algorithms. But what if you’re like us at Oratorio? We’re great with words, pictures, and especially on-camera skills… but math? Not so much…

Are we doomed?

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Fortunately, the future isn’t quite so terrifying.

Desmond Dickerson, a Futurist at the Cognizant CFW, says that while demand for new jobs requiring technical skills, such as software engineers and cybersecurity analysts, will continue to increase, so will the need for "work culture specialists" who can help employees understand and cope with disruptive change. And since Oratorio shows executives and government officials how to communicate more effectively in the workplace - in meetings, presentations, speeches and news media interviews - we’re mightily interested in how these technological changes will influence how we’ll be expressing our ideas in the future.

Here’s my recent interview with Desmond Dickerson: