Be a Storyteller in Your Media Interviews, Presentations and Speeches

By Susan Tomai When I was a kid in Mrs. Murphy’s second grade class in Glen Rock, New Jersey (a town that literally has a huge rock in the glen), like every other kid, I couldn’t wait for the final bell to ring so I could go outside and play. I wore a crisp white shirt, plaid uniform and knee socks. I sat at my desk and tried hard to be interested in every lesson, but I was often bored by all the numbers and dry information. storyteller Then one day we had a substitute teacher - Mrs. Rizzuto - and everything changed.  She told us stories, showing us pictures and playing music.  The day flew by. I had to be pried out of my desk to go home. I wanted to know more. You can do that for your audiences.  In our training sessions, we show you how to tell meaningful stories that will help your audiences to remember, learn from you and link back to your brand. Numbers and statistics are obviously important in some presentations, but never overwhelm your audience – and be a storyteller.